Tenaris, Edison and Snam join together to trial steelmaking with green hydrogen

by David Fleschen

The project, which is part of a broader initiative known as “Dalmine Zero Emissions”, would launch the first industrial-scale application of hydrogen in Italy to decarbonize the steel sector.

Tenaris, Edison and Snam have signed a letter of intent to launch a project aimed at decarbonizing Tenaris’s seamless pipe mill in Dalmine through the introduction of green hydrogen in some production processes.

Tenaris, Edison and Snam will collaborate to identify and implement the most suitable solutions for the production, distribution and use of green hydrogen at the Tenaris mill, contributing their skills to invest in the best available technologies. The project looks to generate hydrogen and oxygen through an approximate 20 MW electrolyzer that will be installed at the Dalmine plant and to adapt the steelmaking process to use green hydrogen instead of natural gas. The initiative may also include the construction of a storage site for the accumulation of high-pressure hydrogen and the use of oxygen, locally produced through electrolysis, within the melting process. The development of the project would significantly reduce CO2 emissions related to electric arc furnace steel.

After the initial test, the three companies will evaluate whether to expand the collaboration to other stages of the production process therefore extending the use of hydrogen. The project is part of the broader “Dalmine Zero Emissions” initiative, launched by Tenaris together with Tenova and Techint Engineering & Construction, to integrate green hydrogen in steelmaking from the electric arc furnace steel and in the downstream processing of the Dalmine mill. This would be the first application of green hydrogen on an industrial scale in Italy’s steel sector.

Source: Tenaris, Photo: Foitolia

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