Tenova CEO Roberto Pancaldi reconfirmed as board member of ETEP

by David Fleschen

Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova CEO, was reconfirmed as member of the Board of Directors of the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) in the role of Vice President, and Enrico Malfa, Tenova R&D Director, was appointed member of the Clean Steel Partnership’s Board.

The European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) reconfirmed Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova CEO, as member of the Board of Directors in the position of Vice President. For the company, ESTEP represents an important framework to actively contribute to the green transition of the European steel industry.

The Platform, which became an independent legal entity in March 2018 with thirteen founding members (including Tenova), has the goal of engaging all stakeholders within the steel sector – from research institutes to industrial players – to implement collaborative actions and innovative projects aimed at addressing the challenges posed by a sustainable growthof the European steel industry. These include decarbonization, circular economy, energy efficiency and digitalization.

Moreover, ESTEP members celebrated an important milestone: the official signing of the Clean Steel Partnership (CSP) – a public-private partnership developed in the context of the EU goal and policies to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, supporting the European leadership in the transformation of the steel industry into a climate-neutral sector preserving its competitiveness on the global market. Enrico Malfa, Director of Research & Development at Tenova, was appointed as member of the Partnership’s Board.

"We are living in a very important historical moment for climate risk management: never before have institutions, manufacturing sectors and society been fully aware of the problem. We know, however, that we need a medium-long term vision, shared as much as possible among all players in various industries, to ensure that this commitment is translated into concrete and effective strategies. For this reason, I am proud to be part of ESTEP: a platform that truly plays a key role in the green transition of the European steel industry. Tenova has the technologies and expertise to enable producers and accompany them along this path.", stated Roberto Pancaldi

"Without sharing knowledge and resources, it is not possible to reach the ambitious goals set by the European Green Deal: the Clean Steel Partnership is a catalyst that offers the opportunity to pool excellence in the steel sector. Its general objective is to develop technologies to reduce CO2 emissions stemming from EU steel production by 80-95% compared to 1990 levels, ultimately leading to climate neutrality. We are ready to embrace this challenge!" said Enrico Malfa.

Tenova not only has a role in the Board, but also plays an operative role in several Focus Groups (FG) of ESTEP in order to share experience and know-how on specific topics, actively contributing to and fostering the promoted initiatives. Specifically, the company takes part in the Circular Economy FG, where Enrico Malfa is Chairman, and in the FG Low Carbon & Energy Efficiency FG and Smart Factory FG.

Source and Photo: Tenova

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