Tenova, TenarisDalmine and Snam test hydrogen to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors

by David Fleschen

July 3 marks the start of Italy's first test using hydrogen at a steel plant for steel processing. This innovative project is led by three major players: Snam, a leading European operator in natural gas transportation, storage, and regasification; TenarisDalmine, a Tenaris company and global leader in tube production and services for the energy sector; and Tenova.

The collaboration aims to identify solutions to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries by leveraging the rapid growth of the hydrogen sector to promote the green energy transition. The primary objective is to use hydrogen produced on-site to fuel a H2-ready burner developed by Tenova, installed in a reheating furnace at the Tenaris plant in Dalmine, Bergamo. This six-month trial will assess the performance and reliability of hydrogen usage in an industrial context, with a focus on the steel industry. Additionally, the test will help define and implement safety guidelines and plant management procedures, initiating the development of integrated solutions to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from production processes in hard-to-abate industries.

TenarisDalmine will provide the site and reheating furnace, contributing its expertise in installation, operation, and performance monitoring of steel plant facilities. Leveraging its knowledge in hydrogen technologies and molecule transportation, Snam will supply an alkaline electrolysis system to produce hydrogen. Tenova will complete the value chain by sharing its expertise in combustion systems, providing burners designed to be powered by hydrogen. Techint Engineering & Construction, another partner, will contribute by handling the conceptual and detailed engineering of the installation, developing risk analysis, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements and safety standards.

With this project, Snam also launches its new program Hydrogen as a Service which aims to facilitate the use of decarbonized hydrogen in industrial production plants. This service provides electrolysis systems on a leasing basis, helping companies reduce the risks associated with large-scale projects involving innovative technologies. The program offers an effective solution to meet the de-risking needs of companies interested in adopting hydrogen.

Thanks to this collaboration, the companies within the Techint Group – TenarisDalmine, Tenova, and Techint Engineering & Construction – will consolidate their expertise in developing, implementing, and validating technologies required for the progressive decarbonization of hard-to-abate industries.

Source and Photo: Tenova

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