Turkish Steelmaker Çolakoğlu relies on PSI software

by Hans Diederichs

The Turkish flat and long steel producer Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.Ş. has awarded PSI Metals with the modernization of the existing Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to PSImetals Version 5.20. As a result, Çolakoğlu will use the latest features based on the state-of-the-art PSI technology platform, enabling further digitalization of production and quality management processes. In addition, PSI will provide a midterm scheduling solution to optimally schedule the order book across the facility. With this investment, Çolakoğlu expects significant improvements in capacity utilization and operational efficiencies.

Since 2011 PSImetals Planning/Caster Scheduler for continuous casting lines, PSImetals Planning/Line Scheduler for hot strip mill scheduling and an MES have been in operation at Çolakoğlu. In the initiated project, PSI will modernize the existing MES to manage steelmaking, hot rolling operations, inter facility logistics, and to manage quality assurance processes.

The midterm scheduling solution, integrated in the MES, aims to increase the visibility and coordination between the casters and the hot strip mill. Thus, decision-making processes will be faster due to rapid optimized planning and scenario analysis capabilities. Reductions in slab movements, increased hot charge ratios and longer roll cycles are among the targeted KPIs. The solution is expected to go into operation in 2021.

Due to PSI's approach to knowledge transfer, the IT team of Çolakoğlu, “Biltim”, will be involved from the beginning, participating in the implementation and testing. After delivery, it will take over the responsibility for the maintenance of the applications, resulting in a significant reduction of total cost of ownership.

Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.Ş., headquartered in Istanbul, produces at its plant, located in the vicinity of Istanbul, hot rolled products and reinforcing bars. The products make significant contributions to the output of many different industrial processes.

Source and photo: PSI Software AG

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