Walk of Steel: Steel workers arrive in Brussels after 10 days

by David Fleschen

On the "Walk of Steel" steel workers from Saarland have walked to Brussels in ten stages. On the way, they hoped to gain suppot for their case. In Brussels, employees and works councils finally met Frans Timmermanns, Vice President of the European Commission, to talk with him about the situation in the steel industry.

After the meeting the group commented:

"Timmermans was very impressed with our Walk of Steel and the effort we took to send a strong signal!
He has spoken out in favor of the steel industry and it is clear to him that we cannot design the transformation process alone!
The necessary course for our steel industry cannot be set overnight, but Timmermans said that he was absolutely open to further discussions with the steel industry and their concerns and promised to be in dialogue with us steelers in the future! He understood the importance and importance of the steel industry for our region!"

The EU's CO2 requirements and steel imports from Asia make business difficult. That is why 1,500 jobs at Dillinger and Saarstahl maybe cut.

Source and Photo: Walk of Steel / Facebook

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