Wuppermann plants in Austria obtain 100 per cent green electricity

by David Fleschen

At its Austrian sites in Judenburg and Altmünster, Wuppermann AG is focusing on sustainability in its energy supply, using the power of water, sun and wind. Wuppermann Austria GmbH in Judenburg has been drawing 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources since the beginning of 2019. The Wuppermann Metalltechnik GmbH pipe plant in Altmünster catched up in January 2021 and uses 100 per cent green electricity from hydropower. This means that both sites are completely CO2-free in their electricity consumption.

In pursuing a consistent sustainability strategy, the use of green electricity to reduce the CO2 footprint is the next logical step. In 2020, the Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute proved in a study that the company makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the production of hot-dip galvanised strip steel: Compared to conventional cold strip galvanising processes, Wuppermann's innovative heat-to-coat process now saves almost half of the CO2 emissions at the Judenburg site, for example. Wuppermann is continuing along this path with further, concrete energy-saving measures in production and in the buildings at its sites.

"As a company, we are committed to sustainability and the careful use of resources," says Johannes Nonn, spokesman for the executive board of Wuppermann AG. "For us, the reduction of CO2 emissions is an important part of our corporate strategy, because sustainability and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary: this is the only way we can become fit for the future for our customers."

Source: Wuppermann AG, Photo: Fotolia

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